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I am passionate about helping our children develop the tools they need to succeed in life but realized that they also need an understanding of some of the basic business principles to help them fish for themselves.  

Over the years I have collected some key success strategies that were valuable to my success and for the teams I’ve managed so I have written about some of these strategies in easy to read and follow books.  Contact me to learn more.


marketingproductbookfrontcover8x10finalsmallLearn how to Launch a New Product in 30 pages. “Marketing A New A Great New Product” is a hands on story, lesson and workbook that helps readers to “Read.”, “Learn.” and “Do.” in a simple reader-friendly 30 page book.

This book covers the basic fundamental and necessary steps required for any new product launch applying lessons and skills through a hands on workbook section, story section and lesson section in thirty easy-to-read pages. All material, lessons and worksheets are also supported with a series of online resources to help make any product launch a success for the inspiring entrepreneur to the seasoned marketer. Buy From




“Suki’s Short Summer” is a book about a young girl named Suki who made summer plans that were instantly changed when her father lost his job. Young readers will learn about the changes that life brings in this unfortunately common situation, while understanding the concept of budgeting and the importance of family unity. Buy from







Rusty’s Lemonade Stand. Rusty wants to buy the latest action video game but does not have enough money. He learns about earning his own money by opening his own business and becoming a young entrepreneur. Rusty’s Lemonade Stand helps young readers learn about owning their own business and discusses the importance of family, ethics, and responsibility. Rusty’s Lemonade Stand is part of a series of books from Children ages 6 to 17 can Read, Learn and Do activities, and learn lessons and play games about family, life and business. Buy from

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