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3 More Things To Do to Build your Business for 2013

January 12, 2013

Well – the Mayans got it wrong. Or did they? Some of us may feel that our business is soaring to new heights (maybe helped by the Small Biz Pilot!) while others feel like doomsday is here for our business just like the Mayans may have predicted.

The bad news is that your business is suffering. The good news is that we may be able to help it. I originally posted 9 Things to Do To Build your Business back in 2012 – thinking we will all be here for 2013. If you did any of these things I am sure your business did better – if not I posted these again below. This time I added 3 more things to do for 2013! Now you have twelve things to do to improve your business for 2013! Lets get to work!

2013 – Things To Do to Build Your Business

3. Marketing Never Ends – Keep up the Communication. The most difficult reality about marketing efforts is that they are hard to measure. Sometimes they can not be measured. Fortunately, with available online analytic’s marketers can measure activity results from the web. Today we can measure videos views to Linked In views to visitors for every web page. It is hard to tell when traditional marketing efforts return revenue on an investment dollar but you must always use marketing to keep your message going. Remember, out of sight – out of mind. When your not communicating to your customers your competition will be. You never know when that marketing dollar spent today will return it’s investment on a new customer.

2. Build a Brand Ambassador program. Imagine having an army of people that hit the real world and online world speaking the truth about your product or service. Having Brand Ambassadors throughout your target market is like have a work force that helps you spread the word. Most people today will support your brand if they appreciate the value that you offer. Reach out to a select few of your most loyal consumers. Ask them to be involved with you to help spread the word about your product via their own social network both online and in the real world. Give them something for their troubles and watch the returns and new customers come in.

3. Work with your local businesses to co-ordinate a local marketing approach. Great things happen in big numbers. Try to partner up with some local business that supports or compliments your business. Maybe all the shops in your strip mall or all of the home delivery services in your area. Pool your resources and marketing dollars into a smart local campaign. Consumers will support their local small business and they will patronize all of you if you let them know you want their business.

The list below outlines the original 9 Things Your Small Business Can Do To Build Your Business.

9. Create a strong print ad and company look. The key to a strong print ad is great graphics and focused copy. Your message needs to be short and to the point complementing the images used in your ad. The printed message should also be carried into your electronic form from email to social marketing. Keep the message the same across all of your marketing efforts.

8. Email connections are vital to your day-to-day business as well. Keep your emails short and to the point. Remember to thank them for their services and when possible offer some type of special offer. There are specific CAN-Spam laws that e-mailers must be aware of. When using an email management program, your small business should make sure to keep their list clean and always look for subscribers who want to opt-in.

7. Make a phone call to your customers to discuss something that is relevant. If it is friendly than make it friendly and if it is only business related than keep it business related.

6. Relationships come before business. Join a forum, comment on a board and share some information that make sense within your industry focus. Build your network and relationships.

5. Your small business needs to have a video that highlights something about your business. Get online with images that move!

4. Your business needs to be online with some social network presence. Prepare a company information sheet before you start to open these accounts so that your message is the same across all social media. You can create a basic information sheet in a word doc and simply cut & paste this information to each new social account created.

3. You must be social. You can do it all your self with some dedicated time and effort.

2. Birds spread cheer with their wonderful song in the morning and your business can now spread cheer with a Tweet. All of your social marketing accounts can be linked in together now so that one tweet gets posted on your social accounts.

1. Become active on your social marketing sites by being part of the community. Join business communities that are out there in all networks, search for friends, upload your email list to build your friend list. When you do join a group make sure that you are posting on the groups with relevant information. Be an active member of the group.

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