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Can You Afford To Fail With Your Product Launch?

January 3, 2012

Your products tell a story and that story will help your product sell. Success of any product relies on planning, creating goals and developing a unique selling proposition. We often see clients from many parts of the world that do not have these questions answered. I am often engaged from clients in Brazil, South Africa, China, Argentina, Mexico and France who have great ambition, resources and ideas but lack the strategy. I am often impressed as a marketing expert by the ideas and the products that they want to bring into the U.S. Marketplace but as a U.S. consumer, I do not understand what they are trying to sell. Their products are not talking to me.

Many products fail due to lack of planning from the manufacturer and limited buy-in from the market. Estimates have product failures at between 75% to 90%, while nearly 80% of all grocery, drug and mass-market items fail within one year of introduction. These ugly stats hold true with U.S. based products and products coming in from other countries into the U.S. market. This post discusses this concept and strategy a bit and hopefully helps an international marketer to understand a bit better. After all, “When in Rome – Do as the Romans Do”. When selling into the U.S. market, do as the U.S. marketers do.

Small Biz Pilot helps your management team with your sales, marketing and product development to increase your odds of success. Our business connections to several industries and world markets allowing us to help clients on a wide variety of projects. We created a series of programs to help most companies go global.

Globalization should be a strategy! Globalization must be a strategic imperative for corporations of any size. The Internet allows the global economy to be fused together and creates a marketplace that never sleeps. Consumers globally are searching your products. A consumer will always research a new product entering into the U.S. market. Most new consumers will get their opinion from some one who has used the new product before. U.S. consumers liked to know that they will buy a reliable product and that the new product meets their needs. Treat the U.S. consumer like a U.S. consumer. They will buy your product once but they will not buy your product twice if they are fooled. Deliver what you promise and make it count.

Globalization also means that your competitor will enter your local market and take away your domestic market share. Are you doing the same? Don’t wait until your market changes to enter into the U.S. market. The time is always now regardless of the economic situations. Selling globally will help create unrecognized business for your company – new revenue! Globalization allows you to enter the realm of working with large international buyers for your products and opening the U.S. market validates your product even further. Small Biz Pilot will help you create a strategy for global trade and focus on building market share in external markets that you currently do not provide products to. Small Biz Pilot can be your U.S. market expert.

Small Biz Pilot will help you capture that new international customer, increase your volume, lower your cost and remain as competitive as you can! We have learned from past clients that they would like to explore the possibilities of entering into a new market or launch a new product but lack a solid marketing strategy plan to be successful. Your products tell a story and this story will help your products sell into the U.S.. Success of any product relies on planning, creating goals and developing a unique selling proposition. Small Biz Pilot designed a detailed tailored Market Easy™ plan to help our client’s accomplish their sales goals. Small Biz Pilot believes that a well thought out marketing plan is the first tool you will need to be successful.

Our plan includes a structure for the management team to evaluate the company, the industry, the products, as well as the real opportunity. During this discovery period your management team, key stakeholders, vendors and customers must participate to help the marketer understand the global opportunity better. At the end of this discovery period your company will need to complete a set of action deliverables that your management team can use to plan your next steps.

Here are some key questions to keep in mind as you go through this process. How many do you have answered?

1. Do you understand the U.S. market, the U.S. customer, and the product potential in the U.S. Market?
2. Do you understand the USP and product characteristics that differentiate your product from those that succeed and from those that were failures?
3. Are your resources properly allocated?
4. Does your sales team know how to sell your product in the U.S.?
5. Are your sales targets realistic?
6. Have you set realistic expectations for channel distribution and price?
7. Are you getting enough feedback on your product from U.S. consumers, buyers and experts?
8. Is your management team fully engaged to enter the U.S. market?
9. Do you review and update your plan to get into the U.S. market?
10. Do you have a quarterly review and annual goals from revenue in the new market?

Small Biz Pilot will be with you all the way during this market due diligence process and if you decide to continue to work with us to launch your product into the U.S. market we will be there from the beginning. If you have a great product than give it a great strategy.

Visit us at and to learn more.

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