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Top 10 Email Marketing Must Do’s for 2011

May 3, 2011

Top 10 Email Marketing Must Do’s for 2011

Among many different tools and options for email marketing should come a question when starting a campaign. What are the most important things that I need to worry about?

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs need to grow their business and using an effective email marketing campaign is the key to building a program with little cost and maximum exposure. Take the time to cultivate and build your email list name-by-name, relationship-by-relationship to turn that prospect into a customer. There are many Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing but below is a list of the Top Ten Email Marketing Must Do’s for 2011.

10. Test, Fix and Send. Test your emails to yourself in many formats on many devices. Make sure that it can be read and that it makes sense. Ask yourself – Will I open this email if I got it? If not then get to work to fix it. When fixing your email make sure that you look at the formatting and attention lines. Most emails should be short and to the point. It is also a good idea that you create two different types of email so that you can test results of both. Use these results to manage your campaign in future events. Send it out once you have tested the two types of emails and fixed all sections that needed to be changed.

9. Most emails are opened after reviewing the SUBJECT line. Make your subject line count because this is your first and only impression to get the email opened. Use your brand and your company name when possible. Tie in key words that you use within your product and website. Use an attention statement or a call to action that will get someone to respond. Keep your email subject line short and simple. Remember that most emails are now read on a handheld so the line has to be quick, easy, to the point and mean something.

8. Email formats are particularly important in today’s’ multi-device world. Give your subscribers the ability to choose how they want to see the email they will subscribe to. Most email programs will allow you to build a form with that function.

7. Privacy is vital. Make sure that you have a clear no-share company email list policy and have that policy easy to find on your site, landing page, contact form and opt-in form. It has also become standard practice to include an abridged to the point Privacy Statement on your email capture list and pages. You should also include this Privacy Statement on your opt-in confirmation email to help your future subscribers feel at ease.

6. Ask for relevant information that is easy to give. You’ll get more serious subscribers when they don’t have to give you tons of personal and in most case useless information to you. Keep your landing page and list building form down to the basics. The less you ask for the more you will get.

5. Your main email list goal should be quality contacts. One quality contact on your list is more valuable than twenty non-responders. Make a goal to grow your list monthly be creating some type of list growth program through a special or targeted content. Be specific in your quality content and keep your subscribers wanting more.

4. Marketing is an analytical science so makes sure that someone is measuring your results with your email-marketing program. Review when emails are opened, deleted, forwarded and acted upon. Learn more about your list members so that you can market to them better.

3. CAN-SPAM laws require that you honor any unsubscribe requests within a ten-day window. Don’t get red flagged by the ISP’s and be flagged as a spammer. Use your email program manager to help you manage your list and correctly send out emails that make sense. Good content normally means fewer complaints.

2. Manage your list and ask your current subscribers every 12 months or so how you can help them better and confirm that they want to be on your list. Keep providing valuable content for them and build your list by offering something of value. In marketing terms we call this “scrubbing” the list. Keep your list clean with good names that want to be part of your company.

1. You must ask to be part of someone’s life – this includes your closest friends. Sending unsolicited email will never result in building your brand nut will instead result in hurting your brand. Most email marketing programs now provide a double opt0in method to make sure that your subscriber really wants to be part of it. Use direct methods to capture your names and refrain from any pre-marked opt-in measures. The consumer knows they now have the power so don’t try to trick them.

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