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On-Line Tools – Small Biz Pilot

February 15, 2011

If your reading this your on line. Congratulations! You are part of the solution.

Did you know that as I write this today – in 2011 – there are still small businesses that are not maximizing their on-line potential. Imagine that. In an environment that requires everyone to have an on line presence over 35% of small businesses still do not have anything to speak about.

You may think that you don’t have the time or the money to build your on line strategy but can you afford not to?
Did you know that there are FREE on line strategy techniques for small business? Without sharing all of my trade secrets here are a few FREE ideas that could help you build an on line presence.

Before you get started with your strategy you should check your internet connection speed. Go to to see how your connection compares to the rest of the world. If your not loading up fast enough change your internet provider! It’s all about speed on line and you can check your speed by using an easy to use on line speed checker from this site. Their website proclaims that promotes affordable high-speed Internet for all Americans and advocate for programs and policies representing 700,000 workers in communications, media, airlines, manufacturing, and public service.

Once you have checked your on line connection speed you should check how your current website looks on a number of different web browsers. Go to to check out your site view. This website allows you to enter your URL and check out how it looks in a number of most commonly used browsers world wide.

Now that we know how our website looks in different browsers and how fast our pages load up, its time to make a connection. On line connections can be as easy as telling your family and friends to send out an email about your business letting them know what you do. Start with your inner circle and move into the outside world.

Do you tweet? Most corporations are now using Twitter to keep in touch with their customers and they use this FREE application as a tool to offer specials and discounts to the crowds that follow them. Right now Twitter is FREE to sign up but talk has been heard about charging to Tweet in the future so get in while it’s FREE. Go to to sign up now and begin reaching your target audience!

Once you start to tweet you may want to create a Facebook page. You can create an individual page or a group that will help you to develop fans that will follow you around on line. Facebook is becoming more popular among brand building and having a Facebook page would be a great way to get your business name out there. Small Biz Pilot can help you set up your Facebook page while also creating an on line strategy for your firm. Contact us now at for more information or got to to fill out a contact form for more info.

Another great FREE on line marketing tool is posting viral videos to help get your message across. Small Biz Pilot has helped to create a number of different on line and for TV videos that help to get the message across. You can do this now by using the current video camera you shoot your family events with and simply upload to You Tube. Once created you can spread the word to your customers. You would probably benefit from having a professional done video to best represent your business and Small Biz Pilot can help you with that. View some of our videos done for a number of our clients on our You Tube Channel:

You can get other FREE items to help you build your business. Google offers on line docs, business email accounts and even a translation service – all for FREE! Check out to learn more about these programs. There are also FREE service for on line meetings ( and FREE conference calls ( that can also help build your business. With all these tools out there you should not be left out. all of these FREE ideas sound great but you don’t have the time to execute them you will need to hire a specialist. Contact Small Biz Pilot now. We can help. We have a new program for website and on line strategies starting at $49. At this price you can’t afford not to be on line with your business.

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